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DDr. Masic-Cabak Dental practice for private patients
in Vienna

In our exclusive practice for dental and maxillofacial medicine you will receive first-class treatment.

Are you looking for a professional and reliable dentist who can treat you as a private patient in a relaxed atmosphere? Then dental practice DDr. Masic-Cabak is the right place to go. Exclusivity and professionalism are the hallmarks of our practice in the heart of Vienna. Here, as a privately insured patient, you receive comprehensive, fast treatment and esthetically functional care.

Our services for you in a nutshell:

Veneers – in our dental practice we will help you to get a radiant smile

Only very few people have got straight and radiant teeth by nature. Malocclusions, small gaps or discolouration of the teeth that have developed over the years can harm the appearance as well as one's sense of beauty. Do you want a radiant, camera-ready smile? With means like veneers, we can gently and easily improve the appearance of your teeth at the DDr. Masic-Cabak dental practice.

Aesthetic improvement of teeth with veneers

Veneers are wafer-thin ceramic shells that are glued to the surface of the teeth. In terms of size, colour and shape, they can be adapted exactly to the natural teeth. We will be happy to advise you.

Implants | dental crowns | inlays

Closing tooth gaps and repairing damages – we find an individual solution.

Have you lost one or more teeth or is a tooth severely damaged due to caries? Thanks to modern dentistry, you do not have to worry about such problems – there are numerous possibilities in the areas of implantology, bridges, dental crowns and inlays to provide an individual and high-quality dental prosthesis. At the DDr. Masic-Cabak dental practice, as a private patient you receive exclusive treatment and fast aesthetic functional restoration. We will find the right dental prosthesis for your problem.

Bleaching – gentle teeth whitening in Vienna and surroundings

Professional teeth whitening can whiten the teeth up to a few nuances

Do you want a radiant and sparkling smile? With professional bleaching at our practice, we can provide bleaching for up to a few shades.

Technique and application of the bleaching method

A radiant smile and beautiful white teeth stand for beauty and health. Regular consumption of coffee, tea, red wine or nicotine, however, leads to permanent discolouration of the enamel over time, as colour particles penetrate the enamel causing the loss of the natural colouring. In contrast to discoloured plaque, such age-related staining cannot be removed with professional tooth cleaning.

Bleaching is a simple, fast and gentle treatment method for whitening teeth. Besides, various available methods allow an aesthetic treatment that is individually tailored to the patient and his teeth discolouration. Bleaching works similarly to hair bleaching. A highly concentrated bleaching product, usually a substance containing hydrogen peroxide or carbamide, is applied to the teeth to whiten the dark colour pigments.

Orthodontic treatments in Vienna – about braces

Malocclusions can be corrected by orthodontics

A malpositioned tooth is not only an aesthetic flaw but can also cause far-reaching problems and long-term consequences for the jaw and gums as well as problems with mimic symmetry (e.g. wrinkles). Not only can gum-, painful jaw- and jaw joint problems occur, but malpositioning can also be responsible for tooth wear-off. With orthodontic treatment using braces, we can successfully correct malpositioned teeth at the dental practice DDr. Masic-Cabak.

Various braces in the field of orthodontics

Which braces are suitable for orthodontic treatment depends on various factors such as the severity of the tooth or jaw malposition and the age of the patient. Often different methods complement each other, for example, preparatory removable braces and then fixed braces.

Wrinkle treatment with botox and hyaluronic acid in Wiener Altstadt

In our exclusive surgery for private patients, we also offer beauty treatments

Your teeth are beautifully white, straight and healthy thanks to our treatments, but your skin might need some treatment as well? As a general practitioner, DDr. Masic-Cabak not only specialises in dental and maxillofacial medicine but also has the competence and authority to carry out beauty treatments with botox or hyaluronic acid.

Feel free to contact us for an appointment or if you have any further questions.

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